Kale Yeah!

Kale Yeah!

This post is dedicated to Kale. A recipe, nutritional content, storage tips, etc. If you’ve got a favorite recipe for Kale, please share it in the comments.

I’ve heard a few people say that they really don’t like Kale. I get it, don’t love the taste of it myself, especially raw but since I’ve started cooking it, I’m learning to appreciate this nutritional rock star vegetable more. And since you’re eating organic already, a lot of your vitamins can be obtained right from your dinner plate, which is perfect because who wants to choke down 73 vitamins every day? Be sure to scroll down for a breakdown of the vitamins & minerals in Kale.

If you’ve watched Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, you’ll know that this recipe has all of the four basic elements of a culinarily balanced dish!

Garlic Sautéed Kale

1/4 Cup EVOO
3 cloves garlic, peeled & sliced
2 Tbsp diced onion
1 large bunch kale, stemmed with leaves coarsely chopped
1/2 cup broth/stock of choice
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar or lemon juice
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Red pepper flakes

  1. Heat olive oil over medium high heat in a large saucepan until it shimmers. Add garlic & onion and cook until fragrant, about 2 minutes.

  2. Add kale to the pan and add the stock. Use tongs to toss the greens in the oil and stock.

  3. Reduce heat to medium low then cover and cook for 4-5 minutes, until it is soft and wilted but still quite green.

  4. Remove cover and continue to cook, stirring occasionally until all the liquid has evaporated, another 1-2 minutes

  5. Season with salt and peppers, add vinegar or lemon juice and toss to combine.

Store kale in the coldest part of the refrigerator. It can become more bitter the longer it sits out at room temperature. Wrap kale in a paper towel and seal in an air tight bag. Press as much air out of the bag as you can. Wash and de-stem right before using.

Extra ‘recipe’:
One of our members who picks up at the Zero Waste location said that her daughter cooks the kale in a 350 degree oven with some olive oil and salt & pepper and it’s delicious. I tried it with truffle oil and some cumin, turmeric & white pepper (pepper helps turmeric absorb), salt, and a tiny bit of coriander and am eating them as I type this. Zesty and melt in your mouth delish! Cook for about 15 mins then flip them stir them around a bit and cook for another 7-8 mins.

Vitamin breakdown (per 1 cup serving):

Vitamin A : 10,302 IU (206% DV)
Vitamin K: 547 mcg (684% DV)
Vitamin C: 80.4 mg (134% DV)
Manganese: .5 mg (26% DV)
Potassium: 299 mg (9% DV)
Calcium: 90.5mg (9% DV)
Vitamin B6: .2mg (9% DV)
Iron: 1.1 mg (6% DV)
Magnesium: 22.8 mg (6% DV)
Thiamine: .1 mg (5% DV)
Riboflavin: .1 mg (5% DV)
Folate: 19.4 mcg (5% DV)
Zinc: .3 mg (2% DV)
Copper: .2 mg (10% DV)
Omega-3 fatty acids: 121 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids: 92.4 mg
Dietary Fiber: 1.3 g (5% DV)
Protein: 2.2 g (4% DV)

What’s even more amazing is that one cup only contains 33.5 calories. Be sure to buy organic (Yellowbird Foodshed is a great source if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area) because conventionally grown kale can have up to 55 different pesticides.



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Friday 5 (July 26th)

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