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Stop Making Waves

The following post is about POPCORN.

The last decade the Ballmer house has been without the appliance that is most commonly referred to as the microwave.  I am sure that most of you reading this right now both own, and continue to use, this handy appliance and so the following paragraphs are in no way an attempt to persuade you to do otherwise.  HOWEVER, in an attempt to be funny and relay some otherwise boring information, I will probably come across as an advocate for not exposing yourselves or your food to electromagnetic radiation (the “micro” waves that the Microwave Oven uses to heat and cook whatever you happen to shove into that little death chamber).

On Change

Most stories that connect with us as humans at the deepest level involves a group or individual on the margins or underside of power, rising up and defeating the giant that is holding them down.

Systems exist to perpetuate themselves…In the Matrix trilogy, our minds are melted by not only the special effects but also how the story played out after the first installment.  We see that the agents who ran the Matrix wanted…needed…the Zion/Neo movement and the “Tho One” to exist in order to give the marginalized something to believe in so that they would continue to think that they were making a change.

Simplify Your Grocery Shopping and Food Prep

Food On-The-Go is the name of the game. Here are our tips for creating the easiest and healthiest food week for you and your family:

Meal Prep on the weekends for the upcoming week.
Set aside a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon to get 4 or 5 things going at once. Throw potatoes in the oven, rice in the cooker, chop and wash lettuce, brown onions, and garlic.