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Box #15

Kids are back in school, the sun is hanging lower in the sky, “OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!” (The randomness of that Dumb and Dumber quote surprised even me) Let’s get to it. The FOOD you eat is what is giving you fuel to operate. The better the fuel, the better the performance. We’ve all eaten wrong at lunch and then paid the price for it (or sometimes our employer has paid the price for it), by having a lackluster afternoon.

Box #14

“We Cantaloupe, my dad’s got the car!”

Come on...that’s top 5 food puns all time.

Just had a great conversation with Ester Run Farm. If you were with us last year, you got a bag of heirloom “black pop” popcorn from them. This year they are doing a rainbow popcorn for us but also had planted an heirloom striped acorn squash, as well as some heirloom pie pumpkins.

Box #13

Anyone remember the song “Peaches”? If you DO remember that song, you now have it playing in your’re welcome.

What kinds of salsas are we seeing out there in everyone’s kitchens? Peaches can be added to your fresh mixes, as well as the lemon balm, wax pepper, and cuke’s that some of you will have this week...the Hungarian's are bringing the heat though so don’t be caught unawares!

Box #12

I am so proud to be a part of this community that we have built around food, but even more around life. As you can imagine, I get to tell the story of the Yellowbird about once a day and each time I tell it I continue to be amazed at the growing group we have that have intentionally decided to cast a vote FOR

Mother Earth


Local Economy


Communal Change through Intentional Living

All of these things are PRO-Active. In a time where it seems all the social media and messaging is ANTI this or that, you and I get to be a small part of social, environmental, and economic SYSTEMIC change that is FOR something.

Friday 5 (July 26th)

I thought I would go back to the VERY FIRST FRIDAY 5 and see what it looked like. Remember that picture above?

I'm throwing it back to the original categories that got this whole party started.

As a side note, we are going to be posting these Friday 5's on the Yellowbird BLOG each week to give access to old ones.
You can see that here

Box #11

You can’t BEET the PEPPER’s, but aren’t the EGGPLANTS just DANDE?

LETTUCE MIX it up a BEET” was a close runner-up for opening line this week.

Don’t look now but it’s basically August.  That means a lot of transition is happening...back to school, back to practices, BACK TO THE FUTURE marathons.  (sometimes I just type free associations to see where they go...I’m going to leave this one because I like BACK TO THE FUTURE)

Box #10

Hello Feathery Friends!

Story Time: Zach (ZACE) Meyers is this dude that lives in the middle of Amish Country Ohio, and has been making HIGH quality American Selvage Denim jeans and overalls for 17 years.

Side Note: There are NO MORE AMERICAN SELVAGE DENIMManufacturer’s

Back To The Story: Last winter I had a chance to catch up with ZACE, in his workshop, and also get my hands on a pair of overalls and jeans and jacket and whatever else he had available. Folks, I was staring at a “cone” of an extinct product. This is the denim that you see being found in barns 100 years after they were made, with generations of hard work laced into the fabric.